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Weed Barrier Fabic 3’X100′


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Premium Quality needle punched fabric that is suitable for above-ground coverings or in-ground control of erosion areas.

Heavy-duty and long-lasting fabric made of double-sided polypropylene for extra effective durability. 5oz.

Carefully tested drainage fabric (2oz) and super-tough ground cover (3oz) offers no-nonsense ground cover and high-performance erosion control.

Neutral Black color will never fade or discolor and offers dependable protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

Will maintain high moisture levels in the soil where it is placed.

Made-to-last needle punching technique provides extra- stability on mounds and hills and allows for optimal moisture permeability.

Stripes are spaced every 12 inches and individual colors make spacing plants and gardening extra fast and uncomplicated.
The Pro 5 Weed Barrier is a time-tested weed controlling fabric that can be used for a wide variety of landscaping, gardening, and soil erosion projects. It features a heavyweight (5oz) woven fabric that is made of a polypropylene blend that has been developed to resist wear and tear. The exclusive needle-punch design is highly functional in allowing air, water, and the soil’s natural nutrients to migrate through the fabric while still an extremely effective weed inhibitor.


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