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Fly Zap Aerosol 20oz


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Fly Zap® Aerosol Plus Insecticide, containing both pyrethrins and piperonyl butoxides, provides instant knock-down/kill of flying and crawling insects in homes and on farms. Approved for use in homes in addition to food processing areas, Fly Zap® Aerosol Plus can be used as a premises spray or directly on animals to control flies, mosquitoes, gnats, moths, ants, hornets, wasps, spiders, roaches and other insects.

An insecticide ideal for commercial, farm, and residential use.

Kills and repels house flies, horn flies, stable flies, horse flies, face flies, deer flies, gnats, mosquitoes, small flying moths, Asian lady beetles, roaches, water bugs, sowbugs, spiders, centipedes, ants, crickets, wasps, and hornets.

For use in bottling plants, breweries, homes, bakeries, food plants, stores, restaurants, schools, hotels, motels, office buildings, hospitals, warehouses, food handling plants, dairies, and milk houses. May be used on cattle, horses and swine.


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