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Evolution Dog Flea Comb


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Fleas can be a thing of the past with the Evolution Dog Flea Comb. Send these pesky parasites packing as you gently comb through your furry friend’s coat. Be sure to remove any mats or tangles prior to combing and if needed apply a flea treatment. You’ll then slowly move through your pupper’s coat checking for fleas or debris that may appear at the teeth of the comb. Easily removes fleas from either long- or short-haired coats.

Key Benefits
Detect fleas fast and protect your pup from further infestation.
Identify dry skin so your furry friend can be flake-free.
Short- and long-haired breeds can benefit from this powerful comb.
Pulls out fleas with bristles meant to last.
Aids in keeping your best bud healthy and beautiful.

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