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Diatomaceous Earth 10#


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Harris Diatomaceous Earth is beneficial to add to bird seed and animal feed, such as sweet feed, that contain sticky substances like molasses or used and stored in areas of high humidity that cause the feed to clump. It used as an anti-caking agent improves the flow of sticky feeds. Harris Diatomaceous Earth mixed in the feed, coats each particle making it difficult for the particles to stick together. Its ability to absorb excess moisture helps prevent feed from molding in high humidity conditions.

Harris Diatomaceous Earth anti-caking agent is to be mixed at a rate not to exceed 2% of the dry weight of the ration. This means, when mixing, in every one hundred pounds of feed, 2 pounds of feed is replaced by 2 pounds of this product. All regulated products are sold by the information on the label.

Be sure that your livestock have access to plenty of water, since DE tends to absorb moisture in the digestive system.

Repeat as often as you use feed in place of grazing.

Please note Diatomaceous Earth has the ability to absorb moisture and therefore is not recommended for use with reptiles due to the fact that it may dry out their skin.

*Always consult with your vet before introducing any supplements to your animal’s diet.


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