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Calf Puller Stone Ratch A Pull



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This double-action calf puller is the longest and strongest available. • Variable side-to-side pull for maximum control and maneuverability • Provides straight, consistent pulling action • 77″ solid steel rod provides long, continuous pull, eliminates need for re-attaching chains • Deep grooves on pole provide positive locking to prevent slippage of ratchet, and damage to pole • Heavy-duty, solid steel construction of pole and ratchet is strongest available • Pole threads together at midpoint for easy breakdown and assembly • Entire puller and breech spanner fits handily into canvas carry bag (sold separately) for easy portability, secure storage • Smooth, precise craftsmanship in every detail • Precision hook design grips OB chain securely at any point to prevent slippage or slack • Ratchet is capable of 1,400 lbs. pull • Aluminum alloy breech spanner with washable web strap included with puller


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