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Calcium Gel Tube Vet One



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A nutritional source of calcium used to help maintain normal calcium levels in dairy cows during the critical pre-calving and immediate post-calving period. Contains easy-to-use non-acidogenic formulation of calcium propionate and calcium oxide in a bland vegetable oil gel that maintains fluidity better than water-based calcium gels in colder weather. Contains no calcium chloride, so it will not burn the cow’s throat. The recommended initial dose is one tube of gel for freshening dairy cattle given before or after calving. If milk fever develops, administer one tube following regular intravenous milk fever treatment to provide supplemental oral calcium. Administer another tube 8–16 hours later. Total dose will vary according to the animal’s condition. Ingredients: Vegetable oil, calcium oxide, calcium propionate, kaolin clay, aluminum monosterate. Guaranteed Analysis • Calcium (min.), 25% • Calcium (max.), 31%

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