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Bit JG Low Correcting


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Josiane Gauthier Low Correcting Bit with Copper Trim and Crystal is perfect for show, competition or everyday riding. Experienced horses perform well in this bit. Suitable for every kind of rider. The curved copper covered mouthpieces promote salivation and comfort. Brushed stainless steel 5 1/8″ Mouthpiece.

Level 2 – Moderate Effect. As the horse progresses and acquires more experience you can start using level 2 bits with thinner mouthpieces and longer cheeks. Most level two bits still have swiveling cheeks. They can be used by a majority of riders with any kind of hands as they won’t easily damage the horse’s mouth. Level 2 bits are pretty much your everyday bit for any kind of rider.

Includes extra set of crystal stones in clear and pink.


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