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Bulk Feed

Custom bulk feeds available in 3 ton minimum. Ton totes available in some feeds.

Horse Feeds

From whole oats for performance

Bagged Feed

EquiPride 25#/50#
Renew Gold 30#
Purina Senior, Junior 50#
Purina Strategy, Omolene, Ultium Growth & Competition

Oats, Steam Crimped Oats, 3 Way (COB) With or Without Molasses.

Max-E-Glo Rice Meal or Pellet 40#
Vitaquine Minerals 50#

Alfalfa Pellets & Cubes

Horse Tubs & Blocks

Equilix 50#/125#
Equilix W/ Garlic 50#/125#
Crystalyx 60#/125#/200#

Cattle Feeds

Salt & Mineral , Lick Tubs, Show Feeds, Grains

Salt Blocks

Trace Mineral w/Selenium
Trace Mineral

Bagged Salt

Trace mineral
Hi-boot (high iodine)
Trace mineral w/selenium



PRB Bovatec
PRB Summer Mineral with and without Rabon
PRB Hi Phos
PRB Hi Mag
PRB Winter Mineral with and without Bio mos

Custom Mixes to Your Feed Test
Protein Blocks 20% and 36%

Feeds and Grains

Cache Commodities


IFA 50#
  • Bird Scratch
  • Game Rooster Mix
  • Layer Pellet 16%
  • Layer Mash 16%
  • Layer Crumbles 18%
  • Game Bird Grower Pellet
  • Game Bird Grower Mash
  • Turkey Grower Pellet
  • Turkey Grower Mash

Goat Feed

Show-Rite GM Goat Advancer 50#
Sweetlix Meat Maker Mineral 25#
Purina Goat Mineral 25#

Kid Colostrum 8 oz

Crystalyx Goat Tub 60#
Cryastlyx Goat Tub 125#

Sheep & Lamb

Cache Lamb Flex 50#
IFA Sheep Mineral 50#


IFA 16% Pellets 50#
Cache Commercial Rabbit 17% 50#

Bird Feed

Wild Bird Feathered Friend 20#/40#
Pigeon Mix 40#
Hippy Hen Mix 40#
Black Oil Sunflower Seed 40#/20#

Pet Food

Dog Food

-Beef & Rice, Chicken & Rice, Lamb & Rice, Hi Protein, Senior, Professional, Performance, Grain Free Hero, Grain Free Chicken, Ultra Pro


Farm & Ranch Dog 50#
Farm & Ranch Extra Energy Dog 50#

Cat Food

Victor Mers 15#
Purina Exclusive 15#

Farm & Ranch 20#/40#


SWEETPRO, CRYSTALYX Cattle, Sheep, Horse & Goat Tubs
Complete line of Animal Health Products including vaccines, antibiotics, wormers, and more
Livestock Equipment
Livestock Panels, Squeeze Chutes, Fencing Supplies and Horse Tack

Swine Feeds

Show-Rite Team 18 50#
Ifa Show Pig 50#
Soy Bean Meal 50#
IFA Hog Concentrate 50#